Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Oh Where Oh Where Has my Underdog Gone, Oh Where Oh Where Can. . .

What does that title tie into today's post? It doesn't. But it was one of my favorite cartoons when I was a kid and it just came to mind.

It's been a long day, for many reasons, but this story started last night. . .

At the table for dinner last night it was just Paula, Mom and me. We were having grilled chicken and Mom was cutting off the grill marks because she won't eat burnt food -- Paula made the mistake on day of giving her toast one day a while back that was a bit to dark, she was tongue lashed by Mom for that.

OK, back to the story. Mom looked up and told us that she had seen her Mom earlier and that she had gotten on a bus and waved goodbye to her. Mom nearly had a tear in her eye as she told us that. I asked if she knew where grandma was going on the bus, she said she didn't, but she thought she'd never see her mom again.

Now I'm pretty sure these are the memories from her childhood, probably after grandma had come to Laura's to visit from her live-in house keeper job. But then after today I really have to wonder if that's what is really happening.

So today, by 10:30 Mom wasn't up yet so I went in to wake her up. She was having a great deal of back pain and didn't want to get out of bed. I'm sure this was just the antics of a child not wanting to get out of bed, but instead of forcing the issue, I gave her a couple pain killers, some water, a bowl of fruit and left her be.

Around 3:00 I went in and actually rousted her out of bed. Wouldn't you know it, her back was fine then. I cooked her some breakfast, but had to keep reminding her to eat instead of reading the paper. It took her well over an hour, well really almost two hours to finish eating.

It sounds crazy but the day after Mom is supposed to met her mother she has a bad day. Is she dreaming about her mother or is grandma suggesting that mom come join her? I don't know and I'm sure that I never will, but the story doesn't stop here.

I've been busy, broken sprinklers, refrigerator quit working and much more. There are two more days of this continuing saga of Mom and her mother, but I'll stop here and start a new post once things are caught up.


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