Monday, June 2, 2014

Around The Corner Again, Or On The Phone

So things with Mom visiting with and seeing dead relatives has been pretty low key the past week; that is until today and she hit us with both barrels.

wall phone
First, while eating lunch today Mom looked up from her plate and with a great deal of excitement said, "I meant to tell you, I talked to mother on the phone today, we are meeting at the Addy Grange Hall". I've been trying not to burst her bubble lately and just agree with her but today I couldn't control the urge to tell her that her mother passed away nearly twenty years ago. It saddened her a bit to hear that, but she finally thought it through and decided she must have dreamt it and laughed it off.

Mom unloaded the second barrel on us at dinner when she again looked up from her plate and asked, " would you like some extra income"? "I walked over to aunt Laura's house and it just sitting there empty, you should rent it out." This walking to Laura's is getting to be a bit concerning so we explained again that it was nearly ten miles away and she couldn't have walked there. This time she actually go a bit mad and replied "no, I was just there, it's just right over there, just around the corner," while pointing over her shoulder. We tried using a different tactic this time giving her street numbers so she could understand the house is about 150 blocks away. I still don't think she believed us because she gave us each a scowl and then continued on giving us another verbal tour of the house.

We're starting to get a bit concerned about this "around the corner" notion she has. What concerns us is that if she thinks the house really is just around the corner is she going to wake up from a dream some night and decide to wander over there. Plus, on top of that, what will she do when it's not there? Keep walking until she finds it? Which she never would.

Something else that's crossed my mind a few time since this "I see dead people" thing started is, is she dreaming these conversations or is she actually talking to them as preparation to pass over herself? This really became interesting yesterday when Paula told me she had been thinking same thing. I'm guessing they are just childhood memories she is replaying since she never mentions talking to or seeing Dad.

Well you can make the call yourself on this one. If you have any thoughts leave me a reply. I'd like to know what others think...


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