Friday, June 13, 2014

And Who Do We Have Here? I Act Like I Know, But I Don't

person in fog
Last night after dinner one of the kids mentioned that she thinks Mom doesn't like them since she never talks at dinner until they are done eating and have left the table.

I know and understand, it seems like Mom really doesn't like anyone in the house but me. In reality I think it's just the opposite. The real problem is Mom's memory, or lack of.

At the dinner table Mom really has no idea who anyone is, other than me, and at times even that is questionable. She looks around each night trying to figure out who these strange people are sitting at the table with her. Then once everyone is done eating she will talk because she's no longer sitting with strangers.

Quite often, but not always, the only reason she knows who I am is because I call her mom. We've had many discussions over the past year that I can't be her son, I am to old, her son is just a young boy that she hasn't seen in ages.

When we moved Mom in with the family, we brought most of her belongings along hoping they would help feel more at home. That ended up being a mistake. It's not so much the furniture, although she fusses and gets possessive over it, it's the photos, family photos to be more specific. She looks at those old photos and Alzheimer's throws up the fog and tricks her into thinking they are her current reality.

I was hoping to get more interaction with this blog. If you are a care-giver or had similar experiences with a family member please feel free to comment.


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