Sunday, May 25, 2014

There's Sausage In My Sandwich, Not In A Million Years

For the past couple of months now we've plating Mom's dinner for her, which includes cutting items up and applying the appropriate condiments. It's much easier on her and everyone else in the house if we do this way. We try giving Mom as much Independence as possible, while at the same time keeping her frustration factor to an acceptable level for her.

The past Thursday night we had breakfast for dinner. Well not really a full blown breakfast, we had link sausage, French toast and fruit. As I dished up Mom's plate, Paula asked if I wanted her to cut up the sausage and French toast. Being the smart ass I am, I told her that I was pretty sure Mom could take care of it since it was only sausage and toast.

In a million years I would have never guessed the outcome of sausage and French toast.

Right out of the gate dinner threw Mom for a loop. I'd told her it was dinner time and when she sat down at the table it was breakfast. And no, I wasn't intentionally trying to be mean or to confuse her. Every time she gets out of bed she thinks it's breakfast time and quite often she thinks it's the first time she has been out of bed for the day. I guess this means I should simply tell her it's time to eat and let her draw her own conclusions as to which meal it is.

Anyway, back to the story. There were two sausage links and one piece of toast on her plate, with the butter and syrup right in front of her. First she cut her toast in half, not so odd, she does that with bread quite often before she butters it. But today, instead of buttering her toast, she rolled up a sausage link in the half and ate it like a pig in a blanket. Just when I thought it couldn't get any stranger, for the second link, she cut her half slice of toast in half again and made a mini sandwich. As she tried to eat, the mini sandwich kept falling apart but she fought it until the very end.

It gets tough watching the daily decline and seeing Alzheimer's take away what my Mom once was, but hey, at least she's here living with dignity instead of just another person in some institution.

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