Monday, May 26, 2014

The San Francisco Treat or I Must Be Wicked Because There Is No Rest.

In a recent post I mentioned Mom's fascination with her aunt Laura's house and deceased family members. Starting last week while Mom was eating breakfast, she camly looked up from her plate and said, "I've been wondering about my mom lately, how's she doing?"

Well several seconds later, after the shock wore off, reluctantly I explained that grandma had passed away nearly 20 years ago. Surprisingly she calmly replied, "I thought maybe she had."

That brief conversation seemed to have put her mind at ease and put the issue to rest. Which it did, but only for a couple days.

Cable Car
Over the next few days Mom would randomly ask about grandma and each time I would explain that she had passed away. Then, at dinner a couple nights ago, instead of asking about grandma she told us that she had met up with her yesterday and they had taken a ride together on something. The name of what they had ridden on escaped her. After naming several older modes of transportation I mentioned a cable car and she stated she thought that's what it was. So I asked if they had fun, without mentioning grandma was deceased, and she said they had. The only problem with that reply was that I had no idea when or where that may have taken place and if she wanted more details I would be stumped.

Then it happened. Last night during dinner, Mom told us that they day before she had met up with her mom and they had taken the casino bus to the casino. OK, now that's not a cable car but I can understand the confusion. I asked if they had a good time together and she thought they did. She also mentioned that it was nice spending time with her mom again.

I'm not sure if mom is dreaming all of this or regressing while she's awake, so I'll do some research and see what I can lean.

About the second half of the title, I no longer sleep much. I slept less than three hours last night, one hour at a time. I gave up at 4:00 AM and started this post around 5:00 lol

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