Monday, May 12, 2014

Now, just who the hell was that?

For one reason or another my brother, Steve, has been in a treatment facility for the past couple of months. About every other day mom asks where Steve is and if he is OK. Normally I skip the details and just tell her that he is fine and called a couple of weeks ago. Hearing this puts a grin on her face and seems to satisfy  her for the day.

Well, last week he called and said he was being let out for part of a day so he could come see mom near mothers day. Intentionally I didn't pass this on to mom until the day he was scheduled to show up. When she got up for lunch the only way to keep her up was to tell her Steve was coming to see her. Of course this opened up a two hour barrage of questions, "Why is he coming"? He is coming to see you for mothers day mom. "Where is he living"? He is staying here in Spokane. "Why is he living in Spokane?" etc. etc. Then five minutes later we would go through the same gamut of questions all over again.

Finally, 30 minutes late, he arrived with his wife. Mom had no idea who his wife was but gave her a hug and then gave Steve a hug. The first thing out of her mouth was, "you don't look like my boy."

To be honest there are days she tells me the same thing and she lives with us.

Well after about an hour Steve and his wife headed out. I walked them out to the car and bid them farewell. When I went back in the house, mom was looking out the window at them as they drove off. She turned around, looked me in the eye and asked, "now, just who the hell was that?" With a grin I told her that was her son Steve, my brother and he had just came for a visit. Her reply, "he doesn't look lie my boy." I chuckled a bit, gave her a hug and she headed back to bed.

We got her up for dinner about an hour later and she had no idea Steve had even came to visit.

I'ts sad to see my mom like this, but I know she is safe and well cared for. That makes it all worth it.

Well stay tuned for another story tomorrow!

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Unknown said...

You're a good man, my friend.

Dan said...

Thanks +Dana Matthews you are a good friend!

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