Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Can The Cows Come Home To Play

Mom grew up on a 2000 acre ranch, which her two nephews still own and operate in Colville. They grow about 600 acres each of wheat and alfalfa, plus maintained about 100 cow-calf pairs each year.

About two weeks ago mom had a rough couple of days phasing in and out of reality with each passing moment. We had all sat down at the dinner table and were eating dinner when mom looked out the window and asked, "where are the cows"? I asked her what she meant and she explained, "we have room for eight cows in the back yard, we need to get some cows".

Our Back Yard
I politely told mom we would get some cows for the back yard. Being satisfied with that answer she went back to her dinner and hasn't broached the subject since. Actually our yard is just big enough to hold the six, grey squirrels, the four valley quail, one dog, an occasional escaped cat and a wandering raccoon that already live here.

To those that don't understand Alzheimer's it may appear that I'm making fun of my mom and in one aspect perhaps I am, but the main reason behind this blog is to relieve some of my daily stress brought on by watching my mom deteriorate a bit each and every day. Most of the family and most of mom's friends don't understand this disease and have labeled me a bad person for taking her out of her home. They think she is just forgetful and should be living alone.

My other idea behind this is perhaps this blog will help someone else understand this disease or help them find the occasional humor in being a care giver. It's a high stress, 24/7/365 job that doesn't stop, you just can't walk away and go home for the night.


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